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choice as one which benefits China itself as well as the rest of the world."Leaning against the anti-globalization headwinds, the Chinese government recently emphasiz


ed the need to further open up the economy and attract foreign investment. We think concrete moves in this direction can help China move up the va

lue chain," wrote Ding Shuang, an economist

with Standard Chartered, in a preview of the NPC session.Earlier t

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his year, President Xi made a passionate speech at the World Economi

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c Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in which he compared protectionism to "

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29May, 2012

for the world. China has not only benefited from economic globalization but also contributed to it. Rapid growth in China has been a sustain

21May, 2012

ed, powerful engine for global economic stability and expansion, said Xi at the time.China's door will keep on opening wider, and China will kee

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